Babsheen's Bite

 Granny BabsheenIf you come into the BrazenHead dining room and you happen to notice a rather broad and seemingly mismatched collection of cloths on an array of tables ranging from two-tops, to lopped-offs, to banquet tables end-to-end, and you don’t happen to like this, please don’t say anything to the owner, Will Fanning. You see, most of the tablecloths belonged to Grandmother Babsheen, and they lay in a trunk for at least 30 years before anyone got them out, even to look at. So each one of these tablecloths probably has a story, and Will may have a great sentimental attachment to any number of them. He likes his tablecloths. Perhaps you will too, if you consider them as individuals. an evening at Babsheen's Bite

But don’t think that we don’t know how to dress. On most weekends and special occasions, we haul out the matching ironed tablecloths and fold the napkins just so. It looks great, if we say so ourselves.

Now, about the food …

 food platter

The Fanning Family’s tastes prevail. No fancy gourmet food here, but ample servings of hearty Irish and American favorites, served plain and simple.