Relaxation, renewal, creativity and open spaces go hand in hand, and we have all these in abundance at the BrazenHead Inn. Does your group need a place to host workshops that support that? We thought so. Look no further.

The BrazenHead Inn is proud to host musical events and more, including private conferences and retreats, for the benefit of our guests and the general public. We have an on-site conference center, and our outdoor pavilion is near enough completion to host family reunions and open-air musical events.

We also host public and private gatherings that aren’t exactly workshops, so check our Events page for those.

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Below is one such coming attraction of special interest. Contact us if you’d like to participate in any of our scheduled events, or to book an event for your own group.

String Break!

Robin Kessinger on Guitar

Guitar workshops with Robin Kessinger are something special, and that’s what’s in store for guitar pickers young and old, for the 13th consecutive year, at The BrazenHead Inn. We call it “String Break!”

For more information about the workshop, contact Robin Kessinger. For information about lodging availability, contact the BrazenHead Inn by phone or by e-mail.

Reservations (for both dinner and lodging) are strongly recommended on this weekend.