Three Degrees of Hair represents a diverse collection of three musical talents. The name (offered by an audience member during a name-the-band contest at one of their live perfomances) came from the three types of hair styles — from bald to blond to pony-tailed hippie.

Three Degrees of Hair includes (from left) Andrew Caldwell, Detlef Ulfers and Danny Gum.Danny Gum is known by some as a motorcycle-riding heavy-metal redneck, but his softer side shows through. His singing and bass playing makes the chicks go wild.

Detlef Ulfers is an excellent guitarist whose singing harkens back to such soulful crooners as Cat Stevens. His engineering day-job moderates a very wild & crazy guy underneath a thin veneer of orderliness.

Andrew Caldwell considers himself to be quite a bon vivant, even though he doesn't understand what this means. His flat-picking and vocal harmonies are truly legendary in his own mind.

In summary, Three Degrees of Hair has over 70 years of combined musical experience which makes for a truly unique and enjoyable interaction. Their individually diverse styles combine to bring both relaxation and excitement to the listening audience, like yoga for the ears. Their vocal harmonies are surpassed only by a new and upcoming group called "Leftover Soup" (ever hear of them?).